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At Queensline Medical, we believe that every patient deserves individualized care that is tailored to their specific needs and health goals. We understand that each person is unique, with their own set of medical concerns, preferences, and aspirations for their well-being. That’s why our approach to patient care is centered around personalization and collaboration.

When you visit our office, you can expect to be greeted by a compassionate and attentive team that is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care. Dr. DiFranco, our experienced and empathetic physician, takes the time to truly listen to your concerns, allowing for a deep understanding of your medical history, symptoms, and lifestyle factors that may impact your health. By actively engaging in dialogue, Dr. DiFranco aims to build a strong doctor-patient relationship based on trust, respect, and open communication.

Whether you require ongoing management of a chronic condition, preventive care to maintain your health, or guidance on lifestyle changes, Dr. DiFranco is committed to being your partner in your health journey. He will provide you with the knowledge, resources, and support you need to make informed decisions about your health and actively participate in your own care.

At Queensline Medical, personalized care is not just a phrase—it’s a commitment. We prioritize your unique needs, listen to your concerns, and work collaboratively with you to develop treatment plans that are effective, manageable, and aligned with your health goals. Experience the difference of personalized care at Queensline Medical, where your well-being is our utmost priority.

In-person and telehealth

Call for Appointment - 718-848-9100

Our office is conveniently located in Ozone Park. Can't make it into the office? No worries - we've got you covered with telemedicine.